Because there is no profit in being boxed in.

Outside The Box is more than a physical location; it is a state of mind.  Are you willing to take a new approach to developing business connections? Would you benefit from a workshop with tips and strategies to help you make better connections?  Would you like to benefit from both at the same time?

Well, Outside The Box Workshop combines an intentional approach to developing synergistic business relationships in an innovative way with the opportunity to learn business strategies to become more successful.  This approach transforms Outside The Box Workshop from just another business networking meeting into a strategic learning opportunity for business owners.  It is a place where like minded individuals serious about growing business connections and learning new skills meet to grow and learn together.

Come join us and connect with like minded business owners. Just enter your name and email address in the sidebar on the upper right hand side of this page to join our mailing list and stay informed of our upcoming meetings.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Kevin Thompson, MPA DTM