Are you looking to expand your current level of business income?

Would you benefit from learning how to develop meaningful business connections?

If you learned how to make strategic alliances with businesses that you never considered connecting with that added income to your bottom line would that be worth your time?

If you answered “YES” to any or all of these questions then you must attend the Outside The Box Workshop.  What is Outside The Box Workshop?  Outside The Box Workshop is an opportunity to make business connections and in that way it may be similar to some networking or business meet up groups you have attended in the past.  But this is where the similarity ends.

Outside The Box Workshop helps you make intentional connections with other business owners in a strategic way that you may not have ever considered.  The intention of Outside The Box Workshop is to provide an environment that will foster this type of outside the box thinking.  We challenge you to think of your business and your ability to connect with other businesses in a new way.  You may have heard it said, “The sign of a crazy person is to continue to do things the same way that they have in the past and expect different results.”  Outside The Box Workshop challenges conventional business networking by providing a fresh look, a different point of view, an intentional methodology and process to encourage innovative new business connections.

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Come join us,

Kevin Thompson, MPA DTM